Claire is a 35-year-old runner, living in London. After increasing her running distance when training for a marathon 3 months ago, Claire started to experience pain on the outside of her left knee. She had attended five treatment sessions with the physiotherapist and had been conscientious with the stretching and strengthening exercises she was given. Although the advice given to her by her physiotherapist had helped, she was still experiencing knee pain with running, especially on hills. Due to an up and coming race, Claire was eager to understand why she was experiencing her pain and to find a solution to her symptoms.

“I was frustrated with my ongoing knee pain so I made an appointment to see Luke Millward at complete. Luke made me feel comfortable from the beginning. He showed great interest in my situation and asked me in-depth questions about my knee pain and my training regime. After assessing my knee, and my running style,  Luke completed an ultrasound scan. The scan showed I had iliotibial band friction syndrome. 

Luke explained to me that my pain was coming from inflammation due to my ITB rubbing against the side of my knee and that a steroid injection would be an effective way to resolve this, allowing me to rehabilitate my knee without pain. His explanation was easy to understand and made perfect sense.

Luke described the procedure and what I might expect in great detail and made sure I was fully informed.  This really helped to settle my nerves. I was amazed at the injection process, the ultrasound scan showing the needle was really interesting and made the injection less intimidating. I wouldn’t want to have an injection without guidance again!

If you are looking for a steroid injection and top advice don’t go anywhere else”