Here are some comments from our patients…

020 7482 3875


Here are some comments from our patients…

020 7482 3875

Chris Myers is a wizard. And the best physiotherapist I have ever come across. Before I came to see him I had been diagnosed with bursitis and given an ultrasound guided injection in my local hospital. With absolutely no result. If anything my pain was getting worse. Chris diagnosed my condition correctly (it turned out to be tendonitis) and gave me another injection. This time it worked almost immediately! I cannot say how grateful I am to Chris for his professionalism, his knowledge and the way he treats his patients.

Anna Korycinska

Excellent care, service, and result!

I am a physiotherapist myseIf and have been suffering with a frozen shoulder for some months! Dave Baker was able to see me at a time that suited me in the early evening after work. Everything was fully explained to me prior to my treatment including exactly what to expect during treatment, all the potential risks, benefits and alternatives to treatment. The clinic is convenient and easy to find (I don’t live in London). The clinic is clean, busy and efficient. After assessing my shoulder and reviewing also with a diagnostic ultrasound scan, the injection process itself was quick and painless. Four weeks on from the injection my pain has totally gone and my movement is so much better from following my own rehab – I can now perform my exercises pain free. I should have come here months ago. IMO this is what excellent care looks like. Thank-you Dave I am very grateful. PW (MCSP)

I was referred to Chris Myers by a Sporting doctor specialist for ultra sound guided cortisone injections in my knee and ankle. As the Doc said, go to Chris as he knows what he is doing; performs these regularly; and doesn’t come with the overhead costs of other practices. Suffice to say, Chris is brilliant and helped relieve pain and inflammation almost immediately and so i now can get on with rehab.

Many thanks


Hi Chris,
Just would like to say thank you for you’re help on putting me back on course for the World Masters weight lifting championships and winning the Bronze medal which i would not have done without your help.

Thank you.


Dear Chris,
I just wanted to tell you that I slept for 10 hours last night! No Cocodomol needed (really wipes me out) and only paracetamol taken at bed-time for right ankle, which will be the subject of a conversation and probable treatment another time.

I really hope I am not speaking too soon but it feels a bit like a miracle right now to only have a little discomfort (by my standards!) – and not curse with every movement! However, I shall be careful for a few days and shall do the exercise you showed me.

It is easy to forget how exhausting and debilitating pain can be – and I am positive thinking that your treatment yesterday, together with the physical therapy with Andrea, shall maintain improvement.

Thank you, Chris!

Best wishes


Dave Baker has magic hands. Professional, knowledgeable and very caring. Recently had steroid injection in knee with excellent results. You’d be hard pushed to find a better physio. (Karen Redstone) 

After struggling with planter fasciitis for more than a year and having exhausted seemingly all other treatments I was finally able to get relief after an injection. Thank you for your highly professional services.

Having suffered for about 5 years with severe pain in my right thumb due to a worn out cartilage my GP referred me to a consultant in the NHS who couldn’t deal with the matter for 6 months. I was recommended to Complete Physio who saw me in a couple of days in order to administer a guided steroid injection which was carried out causing very minimal discomfort. Since the next day I have been pain free and wish I had had it done much earlier. I can highly recommend this service

just let you know that not only did I finish but I also managed to PB of 3hrs 57mins. I would recommend to anybody suffering from ITB pain

Thank you for seeing me so quickly and for your kind manner. Having been referred for an ultrasound guided injection at local hospital and having been told I would be waiting nearly 4 months, I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found your clinic.

Dave Baker was excellent. He explained everything thoroughly before proceeding with a steroid injection in my hand. Very down to earth and professional. Thank you so much.

A massive thank you once again. De Quervain’s tenosynovitis was not only disturbing my sleep also preventing me from looking after my 6-month-old baby, this injection has made a huge difference.

Complete Physio have been running an ultrasound guided injection service at our practice for a number of years. Dave Baker and Chris Myers have excellent skills in assessing patients and carrying out injections which has been greatly valued by our patients. They provide a very professional service and I would highly recommend them

Dr Philip Posner, James Wigg Practice, Kentish Town

Thank you for your comprehensive assessment and balanced advice. I had heard of Ostenil ( hyaluronic acid) from my orthopaedic surgeon but there was very little information available as to how or if this might help. I’m clearly one of the lucky ones, huge improvement in my pain. Thankyou

Dear Chris,

Just to let you know injections on 23rd January to both feet have been a great success!

Left foot T/Nav joint was completely pain free the next day. Right foot took about 2 days to settle down and is now also pain free. I’ve managed to build up strength in both Gastrocs and am able to walk downstairs normally for the first time in over a year!

So enjoyed my visit (apart from almost hitting the roof when you targeted the right spots!) and lovely to meet you.

Thank you so much- will keep you informed re. progress, Veronica