Mohammad had been experiencing Achilles tendon pain for over 2 year. Unfortunately, he had to give up his favourite pastime running. He had not run for over a year due to the pain and was desperate to return to running. He had been seen by a physiotherapist and given an eccentric exercise regime. He had been doing these everyday for 8 weeks but it had not helped the pain. In fact, he said it felt more sore after the exercises. He had not had any scans and was very frustrated. In fact, he was very close to giving up trying.

“I booked in just to see if there was anything else that could be done, maybe an injection or I had read about shockwave therapy. I was happy to try anything! Chris carried out an ultrasound scan and immediately told me the Achilles tendon was not perfect but the main problem was the bursa in front of the Achilles. He showed me the inflammation on his machine and recommended he target the area with a steroid injection. I got more information in 10 minutes then I had for 2 years. I am now pain free and he has given me exercises to continue with to help the tendon. I am now running and planning to do a marathon again. Amazing.”

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