Jane had been suffering with shoulder pain for over 6 months when she booked an appointment to see Chris Myers at our Chelsea location. She was unable to play her favourite pastime, squash. She was very upset that she had not been able play for 6 months and felt she was letting her club down. She was becoming even more frustrated that she was waking every night with the pain. She had not had a good night’s sleep for over 2 months. The pain was getting worse and her shoulder was stiffening up more and more.

“Within the first 15 minutes I had been assessed and Chris carried out an ultrasound scan and had reassured me that there was no rotator cuff tear. That was the good news the not so good news was I had a frozen shoulder. Immediately I had complete faith and confidence in Chris.

He suggested as I was in a significant amount of pain and I was walking with pain I should have a guided steroid injection. I did not hesitate and put my faith in him. After 5 days I could not believe the difference. I could sleep at night and had started to feel improvement in my movement. I wish I had seen Chris earlier and had the injection much sooner, I could have avoided many months of unnecessary pain”.

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