Amy is a 51-year old lawyer who lives in Essex. Amy first developed pain in her shoulder around a month ago. She strained her shoulder whilst on a boat sailing with her husband. Initially the shoulder was very painful and preventing her from sleeping, but she had goo range of movement. It was initially thought that she might have torn the rotator cuff or even broken a bone. However, x-ray was completely normal. She went to see a physiotherapist for three sessions of exercise and rehabilitation. However, far from improving, the shoulder actually seemed to be worsening. Subsequently she was losing a lot of range of movement, each time when she attended, and the range of movement in her shoulder was measure and particularly having difficulty raising the shoulder or reaching her arm behind her back, to getting dress or doing her hair. She had reached a point where she was unable to sleep and came to see David Baker at our Bankside clinic.

“David was able to carry out a thorough assessment of my shoulder in terms of both physical assessment and ultrasound. He was able to clearly explain the presentation and relate it to my history. He diagnosed me as having an adhesive capsulitis which is the medical name for a genuine frozen shoulder. He identified that I fitted the demographics perfectly. I did not have any predisposing factors in my medical history. However, he was able to clearly demonstrate to me that my pattern of movement was classis for an adhesive capsulitis and in the presence of entirely normal x-ray and ultrasound the diagnosis could be confidently made of an adhesive capsulitis.

“Having discussed treatment options, we agreed to proceed with a hydrodistension injection, which was performed there on the day. I was warned that it might be uncomfortable as the injection stretches the shoulder to regain movement, as well as including steroid and local anaesthetic to help with the pain. The injection itself was surprisingly comfortable and although my shoulder had a little bit of discomfort the following day, which I had been warned to expect, the shoulder significantly improved over the following few days. I was warned that I could potentially require further injections, however, the shoulder improved so much, combined with stretches and exercises, that I did not need to return for any further treatment. I cannot recommend Complete Injections and Dave Baker personally enough. They are clearly extremely experienced at what they do, fantastic at providing explanations and giving reassurance. At all times I felt calm and very reassured by his clear expertise in this area and understanding and experience.

I hope, in the nicest possible way, to not need their services again but I would not hesitate to recommend anyone, friends and family to see Complete Injections in the future.”