John was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of his right knee 5 years ago. Since retiring John has started to play golf twice a week at his club, and his knee is getting worse. The pain is increasing and it is swelling up after very game. His GP said he also has a Baker’s cyst, essentially a swelling at the back of his knee. He started using an electric trolley but feels he is soon going to have to use a buggy to get around. He was told at some point he will need a knee replacement, but he needed to try and wait for as long as possible.

“The ultrasound scan revealed there was lots of fluid in my knee and it was inflamed. Chris drained it there and then and injected some steroid into the knee. He also found a large cyst at the back of the knee and drained that. Immediately the knee felt much better and the knee bending improved. After three days the knee felt even better.

I returned one month later and the pain was still much better. Chris then injected a lubricant injection into the knee joint. The lubricant is a yearly injection. I am playing golf twice a week and the knee is much better. Chris is very knowledgeable and experienced. I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering with knee arthritis”

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