Jon had been suffering from pain in his right thumb for six months which started gradually over one year, with no trauma.   Jon felt pain in his right thumb with shaking hands, carrying heavy bags, skiing and gripping weights in the gym. He had tried physiotherapy and was diligent with his stretching exercises but his thumb still felt stiff and painful. Even though physiotherapy had helped, he was still struggling and was keen to find a solution to his pain, so made an appointment to see Luke Millward at our Bury street clinic in the city of London.

“Luke was very professional and showed a great deal care and attention to me. He was very thorough and conducted an in-depth assessment of my thumb, using both physical tests and an ultrasound scan. Luke clearly explained to me my diagnosis and explained that my pain was due to the inflammation associated with the arthritic changes in my thumb.  A diagnosis of osteoarthritis could be quite worrying but Luke was able to convey this in a way that was clear, understandable and compassionate. I felt I was in safe hands.

We had a discussion about treatment options available to me and came to an agreement that a steroid injection would be the most appropriate.

Luke gave me clear and comprehensive information explaining exactly what I might expect and what I needed to do after the injection.

The injection was completed using an ultrasound machine.  I found being able to watch the procedure and being able to talk to Luke during the injection was very comforting.  I could clearly see he was on the target.  I must say the whole procedure was much less stressful than I expected. Luke is highly skilled and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services to anyone in need of relief from pain”.

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