One Stop Clinic

Complete Injections is a highly specialised ‘one stop’ clinic established to provide rapid and easy access to affordable pain relieving ultrasound guided injections. No GP referral is necessary. We have four conveniently located central London locations.

In one appointment we provide a clinical assessment, diagnostic ultrasound, ultrasound guided injection and treatment report. This avoids unnecessary appointments and waiting times. We are dedicated to providing a convenient and cost effective solution.

The clinic was founded by clinical directors Dave Baker and Chris Myers, each with over 10 years experience performing diagnostic ultrasound guided injections for joint and soft tissue complaints. Both have extensive experience as clinical leads in a range of NHS and private settings. Both lecture extensively in the UK and abroad and are renowned providers of specialist training in this area. Dave Baker is an honorary lecturer at Brunel University and Chris Myers is an honorary lecturer at Queen Mary University of London.

All our clinicians are highly experienced extended scope physiotherapist who are also dual trained musculoskeletal sonographers and independent prescribers. Our clinicians carry out approximately 500 injections every year and highly recommended by leading surgeon’s and sports physicians.


  • Same Day Consultation (subject to availability)
  • Ultrasound scan and musculoskeletal assessment
  • Ultrasound Guided Injection
  • Report of assessment and scan findings and details of injection
  • All included for total fee: £230 steroid injection, (advanced procedures are £250) using hyaluronic acid (Ostenil Plus) total fee: £260, (Durolane): total fee £350
  • All injections are performed by highly experienced advanced physiotherapists dual trained as physiotherapist and musculoskeletal sonographer
  • All are qualified as independent prescribers to allow them to screen you for any possible medicines interactions and select the most appropriate medication for your injection
  • All hold full qualifications in diagnostic ultrasound and injection therapy of peripheral musculoskeletal disorders

Meet our Clinicians

Find out why patients choose Complete for their ultrasound-guided injection?

We have been providing ultrasound guided injections for over 10 years.  We recently wanted to find out why people chose Complete so we asked them to complete a questionnaire. Here are the main reasons why patients chose Complete for their ultrasound-guided injection:

  1. “NHS waiting lists to see a specialist are too long” Mr C,  42 from Islington – Hip pain/bursitis

Gaining access to a GP for an assessment often takes weeks. Once the GP has diagnosed your injury and considers an injection to be the best treatment option for you, they will typically refer you to a specialised physiotherapist or an orthopaedic surgeon. Currently there is a 12-18 week waiting list to be seen in one of these services. It is also very unlikely that a scan and injection will be carried out in this session. This is likely to add significantly to your waiting time.

At Complete we can normally see you within 24 hours and we do not require a GP referral. We provide a one stop clinic, which means we carry out a clinical assessment, diagnostic ultrasound scan and an ultrasound guided injection all in one session.

2. “The pain is terrible and is affecting my sleep” Mrs J 40 from Ealing – Frozen shoulder

Many patients cope well with a certain level of pain but when it starts to affect your sleep or your ability to complete normal daily tasks then many decide to take action. If you start experiencing pain at night, particularly if the pain is worse at night than during the day, it indicates that there is a significant amount of inflammation. Steroid is a strong anti-inflammatory and guided injections often provide rapid pain relief for many common conditions that cause significant pain at night. Such conditions include frozen shoulder, bursitis and arthritis.

3. “All the clinicians seemed to be experts, who teach other doctors and clinicians how to carry out injections. I also liked the fact that the clinicians  also work in the NHS. This is always a good sign in my opinion” Mrs D 34 from Hertfordshire – Shoulder bursitis

The clinicians at Complete are dual trained physiotherapists, sonographers (clinicians who carry out diagnostic scans) who have extensive experience in both the NHS and private sectors. Our clinicians are involved in teaching at post graduate level at universities both in the UK and abroad.

Diagnostic ultrasound and carrying out ultrasound guided injections is a skill that requires refinement over many years. At Complete our clinicians carry out hundreds of injections every year for a variety of joint and soft tissue conditions.

4. “ By choosing Complete, I could time the injection to suit my needs. I booked an injection 2 weeks before I went skiing to ensure I enjoyed my holiday and my knee was not painful” Mr M 51 years old from Sussex – Knee osteoarthritis

We are happy for you to book upfront and choose a time and location that is convenient for you. We have slots available Monday to Friday in four convenient locations ; in the City of London, Chelsea, Swiss Cottage and Bankside.

We have many patients that plan their injections around important life events, be it a skiing or walking holiday. We recently had a father who wanted a steroid injection for his knee pain to ensure he did not limp walking his daughter down the aisle!

5. “An NHS injection may not be ultrasound-guided, I wanted to know the injection went into the right place”. Mrs D 35 from Wimbledon – shoulder pain

All injections at Complete are performed using ultrasound guidance. This ensures that the medication is deposited at the targeted painful tissue to allow rapid effective pain relief.

Within the NHS injections are usually administered via GPs and physiotherapists using landmark guided rather than ultrasound-guidance. This ensures that the best possible outcome is achieved. Current research shows ultrasound-guided injections are more accurate and more effective at reducing pain landmark guided injections (Finnoff et al, 2014).

On your initial visit a full clinical assessment, including a diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound scan will be carried out.  Your clinician will be able to prescribe the most effective medication for you and your injury and perform the injection on the same day.  There is no need for a GP referral or a trip to the Pharmacist to collect medication. You are able to self-refer directly into our same day service.

For more information or to book an appointment contact us on 0207 482 3875 or email injections@complete-physio.co.uk.


Finnoff, J. T., Hall, M. M., Adams, E., Berkoff, D., Concoff, A. L., Dexter, W., & Smith, J. (2015). American Medical Society for Sports Medicine position statement: interventional musculoskeletal ultrasound in sports medicine. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 25(1), 6-22.

Ultrasound Guided Injection

Complete Injections is a highly specialised ultrasound guided injection service created to provide fast access to pain relieving injections for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions delivered by our team of experts.

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